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Oh, I am so happy for you and the peace that you had this day. I'm certain that you will be able to call that moment of light, peaceful, resolve to mind in the years to come. I've been reading Pema Chodron's Comfortable with Uncertainty, 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion and she writes, "It is a journey that happens because of our commitment to gentleness and honesty, our commitment to staying awake, to being mindful" (30). You stood and made that commitment verbally and physically in front of your family and Sangha--what a wonderful thing. I hope to find that place of peace someday and your experiences have helped me move in that direction. Thank you.

kel, i do believe the exchange & benefit has been mutual. thank you for your patience & insight. you will arrive at exactly where you need to be. thxs also for the reading tip... i will find Pema's book this weekend!:-)


Congratulations! I do not know a lot about Buddhism, but the fact that you have found community and a faith that you can live and believe in is a joyous thing!

nappi, thank you! i must admit... it is wonderful to feel like you are moving in the flow of your destiny... goodness & blessings to you!


dear mechie,
greetings! just wanted to let you know that i am happy for you! i have been reading you for some time and decided to post a comment. i felt it to be necessary.

wishing you everlasting peace in your world...

stop by when time permits...


kellz, thank you for your kindness! it's a blessing to be in such good & positive company!:-)


I am SO happy for you! And I'm happy for all of us, too. I don't just mean Buddhists, but everyone who is striving on their own path to be a source of light for the world at this time.

Haven taken this step, I believe your (beautifully apparent) love and kindness will be called forth even more than it is now. But you'll have hosts of Buddhas, Dharma Guardians, and Wisdom Beings surrounding you in all the directions. And me, I'm around too. ;)

mahala, you bless me with your kindness, wisdom & support so frequently, it seems odd that i have yet to lay eyes on you! much of my growth this year has occurred right here with this blog, my eSangha & certainly you... thank you.


congratulations indeed and many Blessings. welcome to the stream. you are in good and plentiful company. sangha is everywhere, even when you're not looking!!

awhhh sal, you are so right... sangha is everywhere & i am very thankful to be a part of yours! peace & blessings... m


I just came across your blog through Blogs by Women and I read that you've taken your vows.

Just wanted to congratulate you on finding your path...



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