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love is the every only god

who spoke this earth so glad and big
even a thing all small and sad
man, may his mighty briefness dig

for love beginning means return
seas who could sing so deep and strong

one queerying wave will whitely yearn
from each last shore and home come young

so truly perfectly the skies
by merciful love whispered were,
completes its brightness with your eyes

any illimitable star

~ee cummings

sal you are the sweetest! always coming & dropping beauty. makes me feel like flying just so that i can step back & take in the splendor:-)


Sorry to hear about your heartbreak. Even though it is part of life, it's still painful.

I wish peace, comfort and guidance for you...

cat, i am feeling all of those things... hugging myself thru the whole thing. thank you for the warmth


I am so sorry. I'm thinking of you and sending peace your way, wishing you to find small pockets of calm and beauty even in the middle of the hurting.

kel, i am finding much beauty in the outpouring of kindness... you all heal me... thank you:-)


To me being a Buddhist means you're open to feeling everything, not clinging or pushing away. Even if it's heartbreak.

I think you're doing just fine, Buddha-wise.

Love, M

funny how timely you always are mahala. i received a Buddha quote that flowed right along this same vein & re-enforced the wisdom in my spirit. your post made me smile... thank you:-)


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