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I read somewhere that Buddhism was the answer to the impossiblity of living Taoism fully without retreating from society--but I think it is all difficult to do, spirituality, enlightenment, etc. in the middle of the chaos of society. This past school semester I've thought a lot about something Emerson wrote in his essay Self-Reliance: "It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude."

You are right, it is HARD--hard, hard, hard! But it is something to strive for, it's in the journey, not in the completion, is how I have to deal with it. I have to remember to not struggle to become anything (even enlightened)--because it is when I can be content in simply being, not becoming, that I find moments of balance and peace that stick out like signs saying "This Way" in neon.

I agree with you though, the world would be so much easier if everyone would just get along!!

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awhhh my kelly... always here to make me ponder {more}...

OK. here's the thing... hmmm... enlightenment is not 'struggle' but 'surrender'... acceptance. the struggle {i think} comes from resistance of what is...

i thought about your 'simply being' & i don't know... EVERYTHING in the universe is in motion, even though we can't always feel it, we are always moving towards or with something. isn't life perpetual motion?

where would the journey of life be if we just stopped walking?:-)


hahah, girl I feel ya. But keep in mind and heart staying on the path is about making your life better... less painful in a sense cause you can see clearly and make the right choices.

One of the choices is to flat out ignore or limit contact with people who distract from this goal. Your not alone... keep going!

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i am loving the wisdom {and support} this post summoned. your encouragement & truth is FULLY accepted. peace Gurl!:-)


eventually, we recognize that our displeasure is within our realm of direct influence and take the matter of maintaining happiness into our own hands. hurtful people don't get revisited. the unevolved may or may not begin to wonder why they haven't seen us for a while.

somewhere around there we learn to allow people to have the experience they choose to perpetuate on the earth.

enlightenment is personal and self-directed. folks only get the role we give them.

and then i remember that it is okay to isolate sometimes. all things in balance.

"yoga is the restraint of modifications of the mindstuff"

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every ounce of what you speak is all to true... all to true! Buddhists describe the journey of seeking enlightenment as being a 'lonely' path... the deeper i dig, the more i understand why... thanks for stopping in nakachi & droppin' wisdom.


I keep coming back to this post because I want to say something about the wounded-ness of people. Messed up, twisted, dark. I'm not saying anyone has the right to inflict their garbage on anyone. Only that so many of the arrows that get shot into our hearts (our families, our cultures, our countries) are shot by people unconsicously and/or uncontrollably acting out their wounds.

As a Buddhist, I've read we should view people like these as our greatest treasures because they teach us patience. We're not going to learn patience when everything and everyone is going smoothly, treating us just the way "we" want it. And we're not going to develop compassion in that case, either.

I'm learning to say in my mind "Oh sweetie, you are sending a lot of poison out there, because of your suffering." Then, if there's something skillful I can do in the immediate situation, I do it. Otherwise, I just try to deepen my own resolve to be a force of loving kindness.


Your additional comment "where would the journey of life be if we just stopped walking?:-)" Hmmm. Interesting. I suspect if we stopped walking (stopped *racing*) we might find the possibility sending our roots much more deeply in fertile ground. The end result being magnificent blossoms from our journey. Oh well, I am straining too hard at words here, trying to point to the beauty that might come from what *seems* to be a full stop. but you get the gist :)

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hmmm... this is TOO GOOD to tuck away under comments dear one... look for the post!:-)

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