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if you didn't know... I can almost feel you smile from way over here!.

Dang! Mechie... u are something else.


I'm here. (smile)



I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your blog on discovering it yesterday, and how much I enjoyed your joyful and truthful writing :-)

very best wishes to you in the Dharma,


<---- mechie says ---->
much thanks to you Chodpa & welcome... positive vibes are ALWAYS at home here... there is always so many ways to view any one event, it is a great aid to be able to share the 'swirl' with like spirits & minds!:-)


Don't know what I did to deserve these thanks. But, you're very welcome all the same!

<---- mechie says ---->
remember your 5.14 post "Making Ourselves Happy"?:-)


just wanted to settle into your vibe for a hot moment and hug ya! You are so necessary to so many people dear... including me! Carry on!

<---- mechie says ---->
mr. g we've been hanging on this blog thing for quite awhile now, huh? you dear heart, are the inspiration that we all need... forever positive... forever manifesting God's healing & grace... thank you my friend

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