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You know, just last night I was reading about these vows of Refuge, the Three Refuges on www.buddhanet.net where I've been reading through the guides to Buddhism. It's a funny world full of crossing connections and pathways! It sounds like you are coming to a beautiful milestone in your path and I wish you peace in it.

<---- mechie says ---->
greetings kell! yep, life is truly amazing... when i take a minute to reflect, i can see that all paths led to here. all life is intertwined & constantly weaving its own pattern.


I'm grinning like a cheshire cat over here Mechie...

"a cancerian child FOREVER in search of her shell/security" - mechie you know this is/was me right?

"family/friends close to me who "know me" BUT don't really "know me". do they know what i practice really? or why? or how? it is rare that anyone other than a complete stranger will even ask me to share the slightest insight into my practice" - and this too...

darn it mechie....
I'm proud of you

<---- mechie says ---->
hey soul! now you know that i know we are two peas in a pod!:-) i am not surprised one bit... it's a lunar thing! BTW - how's your travel planning?:-)


I'm so happy for you! I will write down the date in my calendar and send you blessings on June 11th.

<---- mechie says ---->
thank you so much mahala. to say that i am excited sounds weird. i'm excited 'anticipating', not excited 'happy', you know? without a doubt, this is the path for me...


planning is going along fine. Things even are starting to re-align themselves for my convenience. (smile)
May is just round the corner.. I'll be there :) clear the 20th... if you can :)

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