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ahh mechie
hmmm, (thinking). the order isn't necessarily important, it is more the actual interpretation of the words...
if life = X + Y + Z
what is X? What is Y? and What is Z?

I was thinking along the lines that X, Y and Z are variables? and their 'actual values' vary depending on whose life and how that person defines 'life'.

And I think that's you are saying as well, when you say 'each piece has it's own layers'.

For instance, is family necessarily 'blood relations' or the family you make by forming bonds with peole, i.e. people who nurture a certain aspect of you and vice versa.

i like you ALWAYS want life to line up in pretty neat lines, and i found that I chased the fairytale, while life itself laughed at my naivity.
In some regards, I am still chasing the fairytale, but the fairytale has changed, the outcome or expected outcome has changed.

i understand what you are saying, and more and more I agree that life does indeed need to be worked through issue by issue, and challenge by challenge. i guess in someways I'm still looking for guidance. (I used to be scared to say that)

The more I think about this, the more it seems like mathematics. with different variables, but constant coefficients. (now even I am flabergasted at this strain of thought)
Mechie. We have much to discuss. (smile)

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