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Amazing dream! Forgiveness and healing happen in ways that we least expect.

<---- mechie says ---->
yes & when it does it makes us understand true grace... i cannot express how thankful i am for this blessing.



<---- mechie says ---->
it was simply unreal soul!:-)


This is real. Now. From the power of your dream I believe the healing has happened. It is complete. It has happened for him on the soul level, too. Whether or not he would know it consciously in your presence.

Whenever I have healed karma with someone, I always pray like this: "and if it is in our best, highest good, let us meet again in future incarnations and let us love, support and be kind to one another."

<---- mechie says ---->
mahala, healed karma?! that's exactly what happened! i could not find the words to attach to the deep sense of relief & weightlessness i felt... but you have. thank you. i have NEVER experienced anything like it... saturday i experienced this karmic release & sunday i weeped at the peace i felt resolving myself to take the Vows of Refuge. quite amazing... again, there are no words.


Beautiful. I don't know your past. But it feels like there are new -- almost angelic beings -- guiding you to new awakenings. Not an especially Buddhist way of description. Dakinis? [Sky dancers. Divine female beings.]

<----- mechie says ------>
what a natural teacher you are mahala! every time you post i absorb something new! Dakinis? i am a believer in Angels & Divine Beings helping to guide our paths. could it be their more obvious presence in my life these days is the fruit of my willingness to now follow?

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