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isn't our work on going?
Where we just finish pieces and pass along the baton?

You are making me think mechie... as always and that's a brilliant thing.

|------- mechie says -------|
see soul... for me... if i am being honest i don't know if my work has been going on. yes, i am helpful to the folks in my circle, but is that enough? yep, i teach lil j about the fight for freedom but is that enough? i don't know. i don't think so. there is a grumbling in me that tells me it is not enough. that said... i gotta listen to my 'soul' & get my tail to work!:)


we're NO WHERE NEAR finished. *sigh*

|-------mechie says-------|

ms. c... me thinks you are correct!


"...what will we do when all the freedom-fighters & remnants of freedom-fighters cease to exist?" I worry about this too, sometimes. I wonder who can ever fill the gap of these amazing beings. And the answer I arrive at is No One and All of Us.

We all just have to be dedicated to picking up the baton and carrying it in our own way.

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