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We will pray for him. We're with you.


What a coincidence, or is it? Last night I dreamt that I met with someone who had caused me a lot of pain and hurt, and I forgave them. I told them that I loved them and I forgave them, and I awoke this morning feeling like a huge block had been lifted off of my shoulders. I think you message is an important one. How we live affects our minds, and bodies. I can see this in members of my own family.

Thank you for the reminder and I will be praying for H.


You are in my heart. Completely. Purely.
I love you sistah.

You, H and your family are in my prayers


I will pray for your brother and for you. You are an inspiration for all those who read your journal. Thank you for reminding me to let go so that I can be free.


Thank you for the reminder, although I know the cost is painful, it is certainly something that we need to be reminded of. I will be sending postive thoughts towards you and your brother.


you've got my good vibes, and prayers coming your way. sometimes it does take heavy life changes to move stagnant energy. thank you for sharing, and reminding us all.


hi mechie. i will lift H up in prayers. remember - the creator is in control. all reasons happen for a thing.

peace and blessings


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