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Thank you for that answer, I loved the phrase "accidental Buddhist" and was very curious how that came to be. I think one section in your post in particular bears repeating, "it exists when no one else understands it OR believes its presence/value in my life. i have learned that it is not important that i find perfect words to explain my belief. what is important is that i LIVE my belief daily. moment by moment"...living it *is* so much more important than explaining it. I am certainly one to get hung up on words, writing is my first love, but some times it is important to even set that aside and simply be. Thanks for the reminder.


Wow, hey you! I remember you from way back and now I've found you again. I always love that, and it seems to me that you're doing great. I'll be sure to be coming back....*xoxo* God bless!


I like.
one of these days you and I will collaborate.


love you Mechie...I am happy that you have found what you were seeking. Many of us don't even take the necessary steps to elevate our conscious to a level where we can even begin to start searching for. I also continue to pray for your brother dear.

many folks talk about faith but here is a man living it daily. a TRUE inspiration to all who know him. thank you greggy!:-)

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