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What a coincidence! I have re-discovered the authentic Aldania this past week. I'm having a bad hair week (it's time for a touch up relaxer, but that's not til this Saturday) so I turned to a long lost friend of mine, the head wrap! Believe it or not, as I was placing it on my negro naps, I said out loud..."Ah the queen is back!". I didn't realize I had said what I was thinking! Even my husband heard me and laughed. But that's how I felt! As if I was returning to the temple which is me. I can identify with head wraps, and wooded beaded jewelry, scented oils, and long flowing skirts. It's the afro-dominican in me I guess. I hadn't been myself since I left my old career! Aldania is an authentic, mixture of latino and african ancestry. Strangely enough I cannot identify with most Latino type periodicals because they speak of the typical latina with dark long black hair and fair skin....there are many of us that do not look this way, and so our heritage, culture and spirit, connects to mother Africa and Latin America, and Spain...that is me, that is authentic Aldania.

Thanks Mechie!


dearest one...sorry it's taken me such a long time to get over and say hello, but I've been mobing around a bit slower than my usual because of my circumstances...what a pleasant surprise to see your mark on my site and I hope you won't stay way so long again! take care!


where are you?


mechie... where are you?

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