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Welcome back :)


Well, girl... Needless to say we miss you too! :(

But things happen for a reason. For example, now we have a very important reason, besides IKEA opening, to go to Atlanta! :P

BTW, that book thing: you gotta reserve a copy for me. You know that. And you also know Manny's gonna take good care of you with a nice Amazon review... :)
which reminds me: if libraries back home are cool, and you can pick up a copy of ANY Miyazaki movie, do it! You will love them all. They are so special. We just saw this weekend one called "Kiki's Delivery Service" -very nice. We saw another one called "Princess Mononoke" not too long ago -also nice...

well, enough rambling! Gotta get ready to go to bed.

Good posting in here, girl. Blogs, after all, keep friends in touch with each other. I will make a point of posting in mine in English only, so you can check out on me too whenever you feel like.

Take care.


Hi Mechie!!!!
I know you'll score a great position, you're invaluable wherever you go, and any company is lucky to have you!

As you can see, you inspired me to set up a blog myself. I figure it'll help me stay motivated and stick to my goal!

Well let me know what happens with the interviews, and call me!!!! We have so much catching up to do!

Love ya!


Hello Mechie and friends. I'm new at this, being my first blog post ever. Please don't talk about me too bad....:-). I just wanted to say in all sincerity to Mechie, THANKS! Thank you for being a true friend. I know there are things about me that irritate you to no end. What can I say. I'm a man. However, through your kindness and tough love, I've had an opportunity to take a look in the mirror and see "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" (hope I didn't scare anyone.......:-) ). You've definately been an inspiration in my life. No matter where our paths may take us, you'll always be someone special to me.

Luv Ya


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